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Sorry I have been away for awhile, I promise to update more often now.  To make up for it, new pictures of Rihanna, boobs, butt, changing on a recent trip!

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Elizabeth Banks, first nude scene! Movie called, The Details.  Awesome…

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Anonymous said: Katy Perry please!

Katy Perry by request!

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Anonymous said: Natalie Portman?

One of my favorites, Natalie Portman by request!

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Anonymous said: rihanna

Rihanna is always up for showing some skin, thankfully.

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Anonymous said: Jennifer Lawrence

Here is some Jennifer Lawrence, some nipples(1st and 2nd), see through and bikini, close as we get

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Kourtney Kardashian skirt flies up, ass shot

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Anonymous said: Jennifer Lopez

Jennifer Lopez, see through, nipples, bikinis, all good stuff, enjoy!

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Anonymous said: jamie lynn spears

We have nipple in the first picture! Then assorted bikini and other shots, enjoy!

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Anonymous said: Victoria justice? If you have them I will be absolutely amazed by your abilities lol

Use just a little imagination and these bikini shots go a long way, but so far no real skin to be seen in her repertoire yet, but she is pretty smokin’…There is some cameltoe action and some great ass shots, hope it suffices!

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Anonymous said: demi lovato

Some revealing Demi Lovato shots for you, hope you enjoy!

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