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unomyname asked: Any Leah Remini by chance?

Here’s as close as we have gotten, she has been on my radar for years, she was on Who’s the Boss, and Saved by the Bell, small parts of course.  Leah Remini by request!

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Lady Gaga-Hotel room/balcony in Rio 11/7/12

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Emily Osment sexy Instagram photos

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soyb0mb asked: mariah carey please :), and there are no nudes of victoria justice or ariana grande yet?

No nudes of Victoria, but if you scroll through, I have posted revealing bikini shots with some great ass pictures.  Ariana Grande has come close, but nothing nude yet, but not afraid to show skin, I have posted several of her below about a week ago.  As for Mariah, here you go, some peeks here and there, a tease, but she has found it hard over the years to keep her body fully covered, thankfully.

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Anonymous asked: Jenette cacurdy, Emily osmitt, and zendeya Coleman

I posted some Jennette McCurdy earlier today, I hope you enjoy those, here is some Emily Osment, including some bikini pics and ass shots, not much in the way of Zendeya, but she is one to watch out for.

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soyb0mb asked: do you have any jennette mccurdy? awsome blog btw

Thanks for the kind words, I’m a fan of hers to, and here are some recent bikini pictures which are just outstanding. Also a link to a very hot behind the scenes video of a photoshoot you might be interested in:

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Anonymous asked: Natalie Portman?

One of my favorites, Natalie Portman by request!

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Gwen Stefani from behind, perfect ass..

Gwen Stefani from behind, perfect ass..

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Anonymous asked: Jennifer Lawrence

Here is some Jennifer Lawrence, some nipples(1st and 2nd), see through and bikini, close as we get

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Anonymous asked: Both of the Olson twins and Jessica Simpson.

Olson twins pretty clear see through and bikini shots and Jessica Simpson nip slips and see through, enjoy!

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Anonymous asked: Jennifer Lopez

Jennifer Lopez, see through, nipples, bikinis, all good stuff, enjoy!

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Anonymous asked: Hillary duff

Some close calls, very close, but we do have a nip slip upfirst, then assorted close calls and nice shots, enjoy!

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