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darandomguy said: Maybe some Blake Lively (I have her alleged nudes on my tumblr, feel free to use them)

Blake Lively by request, the nudes of course, and some additional nipple shots!

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Kristen Bell accidental breast exposure!

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Anonymous said: Hmm... I had trouble finding it, so what about Emmanuelle Chriqui?

Here’s about as close as we have come, Emmanuelle Chriqui by request! See through, Nipple, nice shots, very close!

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unomyname said: Any Leah Remini by chance?

Here’s as close as we have gotten, she has been on my radar for years, she was on Who’s the Boss, and Saved by the Bell, small parts of course.  Leah Remini by request!

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paddyc1 said: I haven't ask for anything in awhile so how some Mandy More and Stella Stevens?? Have a great week your blog kicks ass

I posted Stella Stevens, Joey Heatherton a couple weeks ago, but here is some Mandy Moore by request, delicious!

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Anonymous said: Katy Perry please!

Katy Perry by request!

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Anonymous said: bar rafaeli

Here is some lovely Bar per request…

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Anonymous said: Anything close to nips or crotch with taylor swift and zooey deschanel?

I have nips of both of them actually!  No crotch shots, i’m not going to post the Taylor Swift pictures when her skirt blew up in concert, those panties were bigger than the ones my grandmother would have worn.  Enjoy Taylor Swifts nipple, and Zooey topless in the movie “Gigantic”.

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Anonymous said: Anna Kendrick

Anna Kendrick by request, an event where here dress slipped a little too low revealing a her right nipple for the world to see.

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Christina Milian Holloween costume nipslip!

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Analeigh Tipton from Crazy Stupid Love, she played Jessica, the Babysitter..see through, visable nipples

Analeigh Tipton from Crazy Stupid Love, she played Jessica, the Babysitter..see through, visable nipples

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Anonymous said: the best of kate upton?

By request, Some great Kate Upton shots, enjoy!

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Anonymous said: Both of the Olson twins and Jessica Simpson.

Olson twins pretty clear see through and bikini shots and Jessica Simpson nip slips and see through, enjoy!

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Anonymous said: Jennifer Lopez

Jennifer Lopez, see through, nipples, bikinis, all good stuff, enjoy!

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