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Sorry I have been away for awhile, I promise to update more often now.  To make up for it, new pictures of Rihanna, boobs, butt, changing on a recent trip!

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darandomguy said: Maybe some Blake Lively (I have her alleged nudes on my tumblr, feel free to use them)

Blake Lively by request, the nudes of course, and some additional nipple shots!

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Anonymous said: Katie Holmes... need a good wank.

Katie Holmes by request, The Gift was indeed just that a gift:)

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Anonymous said: Jennifer Morrison

2 Topless shots of Jennifer Morrison by request, hope you enjoy!

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Laura Prepon, Donna from “That 70’s show” topless

Laura Prepon, Donna from “That 70’s show” topless

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Anonymous said: reese witherspoon?

Reese Witherspoon by request from the movie, Twilight…No, not that Twilight.  I love Reese, that devil face she makes in Cruel Intentions hits me right in my happy place.

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Anonymous said: Anything close to nips or crotch with taylor swift and zooey deschanel?

I have nips of both of them actually!  No crotch shots, i’m not going to post the Taylor Swift pictures when her skirt blew up in concert, those panties were bigger than the ones my grandmother would have worn.  Enjoy Taylor Swifts nipple, and Zooey topless in the movie “Gigantic”.

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rhunter6842-deactivated20121107 said: Can you get some gillian Anderson

Gillian Anderson by request, Agent Scully, Mulder must have had quite a few sleepless nights around her…

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Anonymous said: Hayley Williams!! Just give me all your Hayley, please. Something else than that topless.

Here is some Haley Williams upon request…Including topless picture just to be complete.

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Anonymous said: Natalie Portman?

One of my favorites, Natalie Portman by request!

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